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Meet Sarah 


Sarah’s journey of becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist is unique. She began her schooling in pre-vet and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Science from The Ohio State University. While attending school, Sarah discovered her natural ability and passion to work with children with disabilities. Sarah went on to obtain a Masters of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Bowling Green State University.

Sarah has been a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist since 2016 and has almost 15 years experience providing support in childhood development. She has experience working with a variety of communication disorders in the school, outpatient and inpatient settings where she has provided consultative, diagnostic, and direct treatment services. She has significant experience with Autism, AAC, language disorders, articulation/phonological disorders, fluency disorders and motor speech disorders. 

Sarah started First Word Speech Therapy to provide therapy services to her community. Many large therapy practices have long waitlists and can be impersonal. Her goal is to create a personalized, family-centered experience that promotes parent involvement in a natural setting that aligns with each family’s lifestyle. She feels this approach leads to best outcomes for the children she serves.

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